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14 Poses of yoga for weight loss very fast and easily

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Yoga for weight loss – The yogistic method of living Life

Yoga means that speed sacred text means that information and its helps to “weight loss”

“Yoga” is one amongst our ancient Hindu sciences given to U.S.A. by our ancestors. it’s the way of life and not simply a couple of postures, meditation and respiration techniques and it also helps to weight loss. Yoga has originated from the traditional Hindu Scripture – sacred text. The that means of sacred text is Gnaana or information. Sage Patanjali, has hand picked sections from Vedas and combined them within the variety of 195 Yoga Sutras. this is often his contribution to the younger generations of this country. In our country, the approach to life of our ancestors was terribly near the method of life that yoga preaches. Today’s mode concentrates additional on how briskly we will get things done. This has resulted in stress, physical and mental disorders. A permanent answer to the current stress is to appear back at our ancestral mode and follow the yogistic method of life as applicable to today’s society.

Bhagini Vanita

 Yogashree, Bangalore

Yoga and Weight loss – the proper perspective

What is “Yoga”?

Yoga is one amongst the six systems of Indian Philosophy. The word Yoga originates from the basis YUJ which implies Union. Union of individual self with the universal self. it’s the union of body, mind, intellect and self. Yoga limits the oscillations of the mind” (Yogah chitta vritti nirodhah – Patanjali Surtra).Yoga helps “weight loss” also.

How is it associated with Weight loss?

Many studies have shown that regular Yogasana(Physical posture) observe in conjunction with Pranayama(Breathing technique) and Dhayana(Meditation) for a amount of 3 months can facilitate lose supererogatory weight of the body. it’s celebrated that weight loss ought to be during a gradual pace, as a result of if we have a tendency to slim {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very short amount of your time we will simply gain back that weight in same quantity of your time. Yoga, as a treatment for blubber and overweight, has been shown to be effective at addressing each the physical and therefore the psychological/emotional aspects of those conditions.

In addition, Yogasana offers light exercise for fat people, whose bodies square measure usually below vast physical strain. “Yoga” is low-impact, and simply custom-made to nearly any level of fitness; observe of Yogasanas enhances flexibility and coordination, and will increase strength and tonus. It doesn’t place undue strain on the guts or system. Providing fat people with a sensible kind of physical activity may be a key to treating their condition. Regular exercise has been shown to not solely improve fitness, however to alleviate depression and anxiety, and build confidence.

Any negative feeling will become a trigger to scarf out. Pranayama and Dhyana techniques will facilitate food addicts and binge-eaters learn to confront and interpret negative emotions and compulsive behaviors. Pranayama will bring immediate calm and focus to the mind, serving to these people to self-soothe while not resorting to ingestion. this can be the simplest approach in losing weight step by step and permanently. Yoga offers a decent resolution to the present downside, not like the other “weight loss programs”.

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Yoga additionally promotes a healthy reference to the physical self. every attitude offers the simplest way to reconnect absolutely with the body, and to be told a way to exert healthy management over body and mind. Students of yoga square measure inspired to approach every create with Associate in Nursing open heart and mind, to stay their minds quiet throughout observe, and to balance effort with reverence for his or her bodies. every create may be a thanks to self-exploration and self-care, each mental and physical.

Following few smart ingestion habits like ingestion correct quantity of excellent food at right time in conjunction with regular observe of Asanas, Praanayama and Dhyana helps in effective weight loss. One should do regular yoga and their diet ought to embody millions of vegetables, fruits, avoiding all junk foods and drinking atleast 2-3 liters of water in a very day to trigger weight loss in an efficient approach.

3 Reasons Why Yoga will assist you to lose weight.

“As a yoga teacher, I oftentimes get asked if yoga will facilitate somebody to lose weight”

What several of my yoga students don’t understand is that this is often a subject that’s notably near my heart—especially as I accustomed be regarding sixty pounds overweight.

When I share this with them, they nearly laugh with total surprise and disbelief! therefore, nowadays during this article, i need to share with you 3 ways that yoga helps you to begin losing weight easily…


yoga for weight loss

Being overweight is associate degree indicator that one thing is out of balance in your life. Excess stress may be a huge issue that contributes to weight gain.

Last year, after I was teaching a yoga retreat in Italia, Deborah —a participant from California—told ME she lost nearly ten pounds over the week. I asked her what created the distinction. She responded, “Well it’s the primary time that I actually have been ready to throw and relax in a very long-standing.” Deborah had been probing a nerve-wracking time and also the yoga retreat allowed her the area she required to relax and reconnect back to herself.

Yoga is a simple thanks to assist you relax. once you observe yoga, you bring a deep sense of relaxation to your body and your mind. As you relax, you start to ease the strain in your life, weight loss can begin to happen naturally.


yoga for weight loss

Being overweight may be a sign that your body is high in toxicity. Detoxifying your body will assist you to slenderize permanently.

When your body is virulent, it implies that your detoxification organs (such as your liver and kidneys) might not be operating effectively. once these organs aren’t operating optimally your body can tend to carry on to excess weight.

Doing yoga is a wonderful place to begin detoxifying your body to weight loss. Yoga tones up the inner organs and helps them to figure optimally once more.

In my yoga categories, there ar many ways in which I facilitate students to detoxify their bodies.

One of the primary things that I inform my yoga students to try and do is breathe deeply. respiration deeply is a very important a part of detoxification. The second issue that I encourage my yoga students to observe specific yoga poses that assist detoxification, like yoga twists. In my yoga categories, we tend to additionally pay time doing self massage on our bodies. Self-massage is very recognized within the East as a robust tool for detoxifying the body.


What most weight loss specialists won’t tell you is that being overweight nearly always has associate degree emotional element. I actually have associate degree intimate understanding of emotional intake as a result of I in person suffered from it for several years. usually within the busy-ness of lifestyle, we tend to squash down our negative feelings with food or different addictions. employed in this manner, food is employed to numb or suppress feelings. Left unaddressed, these ‘pent-up’ feelings will become stuck within the body.

Yoga is one tool that you simply will use to access and unleash these stuck emotions. I keep in mind having a tremendous emotional unleash in one in all my yoga categories. i used to be simply returning into even-toed ungulate create and, as I gently born my head back, I ad lib burst into tears. I felt sort of a Brobdingnagian weight had raised off my shoulders. I walked out of the yoga category with an out of this world feeling of lightness.

Being on the yoga mat offers you the chance to note your feelings. As you become attentive to your feelings, then you’re in a very position to be ready to address them. Not solely will yoga assist you to note however you’re extremely feeling regarding one thing, it additionally helps you connect together with your personal power in order that you’ve got the courageousness and confidence to specific however you are feeling.

Expressing however you are feeling is that the key to feeling smart regarding yourself and is a very important side of losing weight.


Adding inches round the waist and tummy is maybe the foremost common supply of discontentedness with ones look when thirty. everyone needs a flat tummy, however nature is {usually|is often} conspiring to create us pigeon-breasted.

How to accomplish it? associate integrated approach consists of yoga + stretching exercises + well thought intake arrange + a want for additional physical activities. all at once this can be the foremost effective formula to realize well-toned abdomen. you’ve got to be regular in your sweat schedule, remember of the calories in meals arrange. additionally you need to develop the discipline of self denial of some terribly invitatory foods to realize the required result.

The uncomfortable truth is there’s no solution. Loosing fatty tissue doesn’t guarantee that it’ll not come. per a recent analysis on weight loss, five out of half-dozen those who lost over 100% of their body weight- placed on the load once more among one year. that the battle can ought to continue associated this war is while not an finish.

What will facilitate but is professional steerage on all aspects of Yoga, food, habits and also the self discipline. within the following pages we’ll define for you tips to develop these habits, would like lesser time commitment and counsel Yoga Asans that area unit simple however terribly effective.

Our three month complete medical care Program is provides the personalised Yoga and Diet steerage. Your routine and diet arrange relies on your Ayurvedic Prakriti yet as distinctive medical wants. we tend to additionally counsel terribly effective home remedies during this program.

Yoga exercises will facilitate greatly within the reduction of belly fat and fat deposits within the body. There area unit many positions within the asanas that facilitate in reduction of the belly fat with the twists and also the elongations exercises in yoga.

Some asanas like Dhanurasana, Naukasana, Matsyasana, Bhujangasana, Ardha halasana, Ardha matsyendrasana facilitate within the reduction of the belly fat greatly. Twisting exercises stretches the oblique muscles and helps to burn the additional fats from the edges of the abdomen yet as what area unit deposited in varied organs of the body.

Breathing exercises helps in reduction of the fat deposits close to the abdomen region by providing additional atomic number 8 to burn fat. It helps in reduction of the belly fat and additionally provides the lost zeal to the body. because the abdomen lifts up and down with continuous respiration exercises, you may discover these easy exercises leads to abdomen freed from the fat, and tones the body yet.

Surya Namaskar, a part of yoga, has been practiced in Asian country for thousands of years and is commonly utilized in place of a typical fitness program. It consists of a series of postures (asanas) that area unit perennial twelve times per spherical. Yoga researches have shown that regular apply of Surya Namaskar might maintain or improve cardio metabolism fitness, yet as promote weight management1 . It helps to supply the required toning of the body and burns additional steroid alcohol deposited close to the belly region of the humans.

However it’s not a cure for everybody. actually if you’ve got back pain or high force per unit area or have major physical ailments, you shouldn’t be doing Surya Namaskar.

YOGA that burns tummy fat:

Here area unit a group of yogasanas, that once combined with a perfect intake arrange and healthy modus vivendi will assure you of the flat belly that you just continuously dreamt of. Holding onto the posture tightens and contracts your higher and lower abs whereas continuation the movement tones them up.


1.Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Lie on your abdomen with hands aside. Bend your knees and place the feet close to buttocks. Hold your right ankle joint with mitt and left ankle joint with hand. Raise your knees from the ground by pull the ankles and carry your higher body until the navel portion. Heel and knee can stay along. The body can appear as if a bow. Hold and count then rest your body by cathartic your hands and legs. Relax and feel the changes in your body and mind.It helps you to weight loss.


  1. Lie on your abdomen
  2. Hold your each feet together with your hands creating a back bend and positioning sort of a bow.
  3. Pull your each feet slowly – slowly, the maximum amount as you’ll be able to.
  4. Look straight ahead with a smile in your face .
  5. Keep the create stable whereas taking note to your breath.
  6. After 1-20 seconds as you exhale,gently bring your legs and chest to the bottom and relax.

2.Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Lie down on your abdomen with chin touching the bottom. each your toes ought to be unbroken along and that they ought to be turned outward. Rest your 2 hands ahead of your head and palms ought to bit the bottom. currently stretch your hands back ward while not bending elbow. carry your higher body and your hands can stay straight. Bend your head backward and count during this position. Then come back to traditional position by lowering down your higher body and relax.It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Lie on your abdomen together with your toes flat on the ground and your forehead resting on the bottom.
  2. Keep your legs approximate, together with your feet and heels gently touching one another
  3. Place your hands (palms downwards) underneath your shoulders, keeping your elbows parallel and shut to your torso.
  4. Taking a deep breath in, slowly lift your head, chest and abdomen while keeping your navel touching the floor.
  5. Pull your torso back slowly and off the floor with the support of your hands.
  6. Focus on your breathing as you slowly curve your back.
  7. If possible, straighten your arms by arching your back as much as possible; tilt your head back and look up.
  8. Keep your shoulders relaxed, even if it means bending your elbows.
  9. Ensure that your feet are still close together.
  10. Hold the asanas for a few seconds in the beginning stages. You can go up to two minutes as you progress.

3.Naukasana(The Boat Pose)

Lie flat on the ground along with your arms by your aspect. With exhalation you carry each of your legs straight within the air and at identical time carry your higher body from the bottom along with your arms extended towards your legs. Hold the posture till you’re feeling your muscles obtaining tired and slowly place your body back onto the ground. Increase the length of holding the yoga posture with when you apply. It must helps to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Lie on your back with your feet together and arms beside your body.
  2. Take a sound breath in and as you exhale, lift your thorax and feet off the ground, extending your arms toward your feet.
  3. Your eyes, fingers and toes should be in a line.
  4. Feel the tension in your navel area as the abdominal muscles contract.
  5. Keep respiration deeply and simply whereas maintaining the create.
  6. Hold the position for few seconds.
  7. As you exhale, return to the bottom slowly and relax.
  8. Duration 3-4 repetitions daily however shouldn’t do.


4.Ardha halasana (Half Plough Pose)

Lie down straight on back. Hands underneath hip. Legs joined. Raise each your legs at ninety degree. Then return down however legs shouldn’t bit the bottom. once more raise the legs at ninety degree. try this as advised. when finishing rest your legs on ground. Follow notes for count details. It helps you to weight loss.


  1. Lie on your back with your feet together and arms beside your body.
  2. Take a sound breath in and as you exhale, lift your thorax and feet off the ground, extending your arms towards your feet.
  3. Your eyes, fingers and toes should be in a line.
  4. Feel the tension in your navel area as the abdominal muscles contract.
  5. Keep respiration deeply and simply whereas maintaining the create.
  6. Hold the position for few seconds.
  7. As you exhale, return to the bottom slowly and relax.
  8. Duration 3-4 repetitions daily however shouldn’t do.


  1. Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

First sit down in kneel down position. Then bend backwards slowly with the pinnacle going back and hold each the ankles with the hands tightly. At identical time, hotfoot your back. Your thumb of each hands ought to be within the gliding joint adjacent to every different whereas the opposite fingers ought to be outside. The feet ought to stay touched with the bottom. Breathe commonly and count as prompt. then take rest in shabasan in rotary motion. Follow notes for count details. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Indigestion
  2. Low back ache.
  3. Cervical redness
  4. Reduces abdomen fat.
  5. Thyroid and parathyroid gland.
  6. Menstrual issues.

6.Ardha matsyendrasana (Half Twist)

Sit down with legs straight. Fold the proper leg and place it on the left thigh and bit the proper foot with the bottom. Fold the left leg and bit it with the proper facet of hip. manus can go on top of the proper knee to carry the left knee. manus can return. Head and neck can move toward right. traditional respiratory. Hold the position and count. Do same with left leg and take rest in shavasan. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Sit in vajrasana position or sit straight with stretching your legs before of you.
  2. Bend your left leg and check out to the touch your feet to your right body part as shown within the higher than image.
  3. Bring your right leg outside of the left knee. bit your feet to the bottom. Keep your spine erect.
  4. Exhale and switch your higher body to the proper. Hold your right feet with hand and place your right behind you’re on the bottom as shown within the higher than image.
  5. Breathe usually and hold this posture for twenty to thirty seconds. when active you’ll be able to hold this posture for three to five minutes.
  6. currently unharness this posture and repeat this cycle with bending right leg and transfer left leg outside of the proper knee. (i.e. Twisting the other direction).
  1. Batakram Kapalbhati in sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Sit in sukhasana. Keep your hands on your knees. Inhale through nose quickly. whereas breathing  lower abdomen contract. do that as prompt. Then take rest. Follow count details. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Take one or 2 thick blankets and fold them so they type a firm, flat base that you simply will sit on
  2. Sit near one fringe of the support you shaped, together with your legs stretched ahead, before of you.
  3. Cross your shins and widen your knees, so you’ll be able to slip every foot, below the other knee.
  4. Bend your knees and fold your legs towards your trunk
  5. Keep your feet relaxed, so the outer edges rest on the ground and also the inner arches ar settled below the other shin. Your thighs and crossed shins ought to type atiny low triangle. There ought to be a niche between your pelvis and feet.
  6. Sit together with your pelvis in an exceedingly neutral position. To do this, press your hands against the ground and raise your sitting bones to a small degree. try and carry on there for a breath or 2 and so slowly lower yourself back on to the ground.
  7. Balance your os and pubis in such the simplest way that they’re equal from the bottom.
  8. Place your hands on your knees, palm down and lengthen your tailbone towards the ground.
  1. Baddha Konasana (Bound angle create or Cobbler Pose)

The word “Baddha” stands for “Bound” in Indic and therefore the which means of Kona is “angle” or “split”, position suggests that “pose”, “posture or “seat”. This position is additionally referred to as cobbler create. This create is simple to try and do and appropriate for everyone. Baddha Konasana stretches your groin and inner thighs. this is {often|this can be} often a extremely useful position for flexibility of the knees, ankles, feet and hips. It opens and can increase circulation to the girdle region. Thence this is {often|this can be} often a extremely smart prenatal exercise and would possibly relieve in emission problems. Moving the body from aspect to aspect will massage your hips. Gradually moveable your knees up and down is termed bloodworm create; and Baddha Konasana is that the best mutation of butterfly pose. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Sit within the Dandasana (Staff Pose).
  2. currently Bend your knees and be a part of the soles of your feet.
  3. currently hold your feet or ankles.
  4. Move your heels to the groin as such a lot as accomplishable.
  5. breathe and saddened your knees to the bottom.
  6. Your arms and ought toers should be relaxed.
  7. currently press the sitting bones at intervals the ground and let the crown of your head inform towards ceiling to elongate the spine.
  8. Press the sitting bones within the floor and let the crown of the top purpose to the ceiling to elongate the spine.
  9. Assume that your knees moving just like the wings of the butterfly.
  10. Hold this create for upto two minutes.
  11. then come back in Dandasana (Staff Pose).
  1. Bhekasana- Frog Posture

Before making an attempt this posture apply Virasana (hero pose). bear in mind not push the knees if it starts to harm.

To begin with apply victimization just one leg at a time, active for a similar quantity of your time on every

You may place the heels onto the buttocks (without rotating the elbows) instead of beside the hips till your increase flexibility. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. begin by lying down on your front,
  2. Inhale, come back up onto the forearms so you’ll carry your head and higher body part.
  3. Exhale, bend your right knee and produce the heel toward the correct hip. victimization the left forearm for support, reach back along with your mitt and clasp the within of your foot. victimization the bind for suppots bring the left leg into a similar position.
  4. Inhale, rotate your elbows toward the sky, so your hands square measure over the highest of the feet. (Your palms ought to get on the tiptop of the feet) victimization the hands press the heels down towards the ground.
  5. sq. your shoulders with the front of the ensuring they’re down and removed from the ears. Keep the chest upraised.
  6. Keep the breaths long and powerful,
  7. Exhale, unleash the posture, come into relaxation.
  1. Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Preparatory creates ar heat up poses thus you’ll learn many Pawanmuktasana school assignment poses like Ardha Pawanmuktasana and Sulabh Pawanmuktasana before you learn the way to try to to Wind Relieving pose. These school assignment poses for Pawanmuktasana ought to be among the primary asanas in your yoga routine as once the surplus gas is free, you may be able to perform the remainder of your asanas with larger ease. Below is that the step wise guide the way to do These ar the half dozen Wind Relieving create steps. It helps you to weight loss.


  1. Begin by lying on your back, along with your legs and arms extended.
  2. As you exhale, draw each of your knees to your chest. Clasp your hands around your knees.
  3. whereas holding solely your right knee, unleash your left leg and extend it on the ground. Hold this create for thirty seconds to one minute.
  4. Draw your left knee back in towards your chest and clasp your hands around each knees once more.
  5. whereas holding solely your left knee, unleash your right leg and extend it on the ground. Hold this create for constant quantity of your time.
  6. Finally, draw each knees to your chest.

11.Padahastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose)

Padahastasana should be performed a minimum of 4-6 hours when a meal and it’s desirable that your abdomen (and bowels) square measure empty at now. you ought to perform many preparative asanas as this can prepare you each physically and mentally to perform Padahastasana. you’ll learn many Padahastasana homework poses like Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Downward Facing Dog pose), Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), Janusirsasana (Head-to-Knee pose), and Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe create) before you learn the way to try and do Hand underneath Foot pose. It helps you to weight loss.


  1. Stand on the ground in AN upright position along with your hands control loosely at your sides.
  2. carry your hands straight up and permit your palms to gently bit one another.
  3. Exhale and stretch your arms out whereas slowly bending at your waist.
  4. Keep bending till your hands reach your toes. Your chin ought to are available in contact along with your knees.
  5. Slide your fingers underneath your toes and hold this position for 5-15 seconds.
  6. Exhale and bend down from your hips till your hands reach your toes.
  7. Hold the toes along with your hands and stay steady. Relax.
  1. Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend Yoga Pose)

The word Paschim virtually suggests that west, Uttana suggests that stretched and attitude is cause. Here the word paschim (west) doesn’t mean the side rather it indicated the rear of the body. the rear of body is referred as paschim here. therefore a posture during which back of the body or spine is stretched is termed paschimottanasana (forward bend pose). It helps you to weight loss.


  1. stay awake with the legs stretched straight ahead of you on the ground.
  2. Keep the spine erect and toes flexed towards you.
  3. Bring your respiration to traditional.
  4. respiration in, slowly raise your each the arms straight higher than your head and stretch up.
  5. Slowly breathe and bend forward from the enarthrodial joint, chin moving toward the toes keeping the spine erect.
  6. Place your hands on your legs, where they reach, while not putt abundant effort.
  7. If attainable hold of your toes and pull on them to assist you go.
  8. keep during this position as long as attainable.
  9. once the sweat limit reached inhale and lift up stretching up your arms straight higher than your head.
  10. breathe and convey your arms down inserting the palms on the bottom.
  11. Relax for a minute and take a look at to feel the changes occurred within the body.
  1. Sirsasana (Acrobatic feat Yoga cause)

A number of individuals area unit apprehensive and fair to try to to Sirsasana owing to its acrobatic feat position and needs some variety of balance. In fact, it’s not tough to follow if it’s performed below the steerage of associate professional and providing the essential rules area unit rigorously followed. The brain desires well aerated blood for playing its varied functions swimmingly. However, just in case of inactive in addition as general individuals, the brain didn’t receives sufficient  enriched aerated blood that results in headache, pituitary wrong, diabetes, sexual issues, improper vision, hair fall, skin conditions, piles, vena etc. It helps you to weight loss.

yoga for weight loss


  1. Interlock the fingers tightly, palms forming a cup.
  2. Place the pinnacle on the shaped cup so the crown of the pinnacle touches the palms.
  3. Raise the knees from the ground by propulsion the toes towards the pinnacle. Slowly raise your legs upwards from the ground.
  4. once the body gets properly balanced during this position, bit by bit and slowly straighten the legs.
  5. lookout that you just maintain equilibrium and you don’t fall backwards
  6. make certain that the spine and thighs area unit in line, straight and vertical.
  7. Relax the complete body the maximum amount as attainable.
  8. shut the eyes
  9. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  10. this can be the ultimate cause of sirsasana. keep within the final cause for a cushty length of your time. return by flexing the knees and slippery them all the way down to the ground in reverse order.
  1. Virabhadrasana I (The soul Pose)

Yoga teaches patience. within the turbulent human mind, there’s such a lot that must be contained in and curbed; it is a struggle, however you’re speculated to be poised, composed and not surrender. is not yoga the same practice? whereas most of it rests on mastering the art of respiration, its partner depends on a bunch of asanas that area unit all regarding ‘holding’ the cause and not abandoning. The series of Virabhadrasana

alternatively called the soul Poses area unit glorious for strengthening. These rev up the stamina and acquire the heartbeat sport whereas all you are doing is to simply ‘hold’ the cause.

To begin with, let’s throw some light-weight on the primary posture within the series – or The soul cause I. The posture gets its name from the very fact that that it’s nice for the strengthening of the body. It strengthens thighs muscles – the most important muscle cluster within the body – and so helps in increasing metabolism and calorie loss. ” Virabhadrasana is apt for associate hyperbolic vitality of the body. It regulates and betters secretion secretion within the body that aids in several polar processes,” noted Yogacharya Anoop, Chaitanya foundation. It helps you to weight loss.


  1. Stand straight together with your legs hip-distance apart and arms on your sides
  2. Now, unfold your legs wide-apart
  3. flip your left feet dead set face the left facet of the mat
  4. the opposite feet can flip inward to form a forty five Degree angle
  5. Twist your body to left fully
  6. go on your left knee creating a ninety Degree angle; make certain that your knee does not cross over the toe.
  7. Let the opposite leg stretch properly
  8. currently get in a Namaste position, and taking our arms up higher than your head, look up, arch your back somewhat and stretch.

– Keep up for ten seconds and reiteration on the opposite facet.


Important tips that square measure key to losing belly flat:

  1. scale back your calorie consumption

Yoga along side diet management helps to scale back the belly and belly fat. you wish to choose what quantity weight you would like to lose. relying upon your height and weight initial calculate the BMI so resolve the best weight. Losing weight and obtaining eliminate belly fat takes some work, and you actually have to be compelled to set a goal to stay an eye fixed on your progress. With the assistance of your nutritionist set up a coffee calorie, low fat , high fiber, eater diet.

yoga for weight loss

  1. Eat Right

Eat additional whole grains rather than refined carbohydrates. Take additional fruits and vegetables.

  1. Avoid fatty foods

Foods made in saturated fat i.e. full cream milk and dairy farm product, cheese, butter, ice cream, fried food, molasses, sugar, honey, sweets, glucose, jam, dry fruits, chocolates , candies, potato, red meat, chicken with skin, vegetable oil, palm oil, pickles, spicy chutneys, vinegar, chilly, pepper, salt, soda water

  1. Eat sensible fats.

Studies recommend that a diet with the next magnitude relation of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) like, nuts, seeds, and soybeans— will forestall the buildup of belly fat.

  1. Drink ton of fluid

it’s continuously important to stay yourself well hydrous with ton of water, contemporary fruit and vegetable juices, soups etc., after you are attempting to lose belly fat during a healthier manner.

  1. Physical activity

Take the steps rather than the elevator. Walk rather than driving. get on my feet and walk for thirty steps each half-hour. If you’ve got a inactive job, contemplate obtaining a treadmill table.

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