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6 Weeks Workout Plan for Weight Loss in Home

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Workout Plan

#1 Rule For Weight Loss – Eat Right!

I hate to mention it, however, it’s thus true; you’re what you eat. If you really want weight loss you have to maintain diet and you must have a workout plan.

And if you would like to turn (or gain weight) keep off that treadmill and don’t bit those weights until you’ve initially taken a protracted, exhausting check out what you eat.

The trick to weight loss (and so quicker results) is to cut back the number of carbohydrates you consume and burn fat as a fuel supply. This means you wish to feed your body a mixture of a macromolecule and complicated carbohydrates at regular intervals, this may guarantee correct recovery from workouts, optimum energy levels throughout your day and reduction in weight/centimeters. Balanced nutrition is that the key.

The medically tested and established program over thirty-eight years I like to recommend to use for the challenge is HealthPointe a pair of.0. The principles of the program (and let ME be clear, it’s not a diet!) ar listed below however if you’d like additional information on HealthPointe then contact vale on 0411 158 972 or

But here’s a fast “6 purpose checklist” for making certain success for weight loss and general eudaemonia. the higher you keep on with this, the higher your body will be once the 6-weeks is up…

  • Keep your daily carbs count between 50- one hundred grams
  • Drink 2-3 litres (10 glasses) of water every day
  • Do a minimum of ten,000 steps per day (combined with personal

training or cluster fitness and you ought to see fantastic


  • Snack on macromolecule (not carbs) between main meals and wait

at least one hour between snacks

  • Fill in your daily food log—accountability is that the key
  • Take essential supplements—multi sustenance, omega 3, targeted fruit & vegetables and fiber tablets Again, balanced nutrition is that the key. you’ll do all the workouts within the world, however, you simply won’t be maximizing your results till you fix the method you eat. That’s why you wish, to begin with, nutrition initial because otherwise plenty of the time you pay exertion is wasted.

Make sure you furthermore might use your Fat Torching recipes as a part of the challenge deal and get in touch with vale on 0411 158 972 or if you would like access to additional alimentary recipes to use throughout the challenge.

“I’m proud of my overall fitness (minus a knee injury at the moment!). I’m comfy in my clothes once more and managed to beat last years 12km run Geelong time by three minutes. currently, the main focus is to stay it up. Maintain healthy feeding habits and still work on my running times. Having some good friends do the challenge was an enormous help, we kept pushing one another and kept each other motivated. Thanks to Dale and all the challenges for the encouragement and drive to keep going!” Belinda Randall, Waurn Ponds

Here’s Some More Helpful

Nutrition Tips and workout plan For Speedier Results

Your Growl Belly Is Lying To You, You’re NOT Hungry: A lot of times when people feel hungry, they’re not.weight loss
They’re just dehydrated. If you drink enough water, your body will be balanced and act the way that it’s meant to. This is very important to aid the release of stored fat.

An excellent rule of thumb is 8-12 glasses per day. But If you live in a warmer, more humid climate or are on the heavier side (not for extremely longer!), then you’ll need to drink even more.

What “Catabolic” Really Means (workout plan): When the body is breaking down its own tissue, this is referred to as a catabolic state. This happens when you don’t eat sufficient protein, your body essentially eats itself! Not a pretty picture.

You MUST eat enough protein every day so your body doesn’t have to eat itself!

The Importance of Snacks Each Day (workout plan): Maximum people have time to eat an excellent lunch and dinner, but it’s the snacks in between and getting a complete breakfast that is the most difficult – and the most important!

That’s when having a handy and quality meal replacement product is needful. In choosing a quality meal replacement product, you’ll want to look for one that has a good balance of protein, is less in fat and carbohydrates, and keeps you feeling full. generally, healthy shakes and bars ar excellent for this as a result of they’re convenient and provide you all the nice stuff, thus stock-up!


Supplement Yourself: after I say supplementation, I’m NOT talking concerning stimulants and artificial-type-products. Those ar dangerous and may be avoided in the least times.

What I’m talking concerning air whole-food, natural, and organic nutrition-supplement-type-products. Things like multi-vitamin minerals, antioxidants, omega 3, targeted fruit & vegetables and exercise recovery product. These style of supplement product ar essential to produce your body with the natural (not with chemicals enhanced) nutrients lacking in our food nowadays.

In 2002 the Journal of yank Medical Association same, “Vitamins and minerals facilitate maximize the absorption and utilization of the food you eat. we have a tendency to ar feeding enough to forestall deficiency, but not enough to forestall sickness. we have a tendency to advocate all adults take a multivitamin pill daily”. Again, I can purpose you within the right direction with supplementation. There’s plenty to understand and it’s alittle of a minefield if you don’t recognize what you’re doing. Please be happy to e-mail  or decision 0411 158 972.

Some of the organic weight loss ebook (with a 60 day guarantee) offered to order include: 3 Week Diet -Daily–$47, Anti Diet Solution— $37, Burn The Fat 7-day— $57, Old School New Body— $20, My Bikini Belly— $20, 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution— $10, Eat Stop Eat— $10, Paleo Reboot— $7, The 27 Habits— $6, 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Macro— $17.

Where were you eight weeks ago? (workout plan)

Like most brides, within the few months once my wedding all the smart feeding and regular exercise went out the window. That combined with finishing my last semester of post-grad study while working full time resulted in a very good quantity of weight gain in a very short quantity of your time. while being a total cliché is sort of funny (I even cut my hair short once the wedding), it’s truly not lots of fun. I wasn’t feeling nice concerning however i used to be trying and also the proven fact that I had let myself go. the most important issue was a heavy lack of energy and motivation to urge started once more. it absolutely was the center of winter in the end and I’d got into a routine of cookery up hearty meals for my new mate and feeding even as very much like he did! I’d trained with Peak Fitness Challenge before and very enjoyed it, thus once vale told ME about the Your Best Body Challenge i used to be super keen and knew it absolutely was specifically what I required to urge me motivated  once more.

Where square measure you currently once eight weeks?(workout plan)

weight loss diet

It has been very fun doing the Your Best Body Challenge with a gaggle of like  folks. The support from everybody at greenhouse gas coaching sessions has been thus encouraging and very unbroken ME going. I’m thus proud of the results I even have achieved in such a brief house of your time. I’ve lost eight.5kgs while maintaining my muscle mass, and I’ve greatly improved my association. I feel most higher concerning how i’m trying and at last match into the slim facet of the wardrobe. a lot of significantly tho’ I feel great, I even have most energy and that i am loving  figuring out once more. Eight weeks agone i used to be troubled to jog 5km, having to prevent and walk frequently. Last week I ran 12kms one evening, even higher was the fact that I might merrily train succeeding day too. I do a fairly physical job with a high rate of labor related injuries and before the challenge was troubled on and off with a couple of trivial back and shoulder issues. My core strength has improved greatly in eight weeks through greenhouse gas Gymstick and Tabata categories, and reception match Deck Pilates. I’m undoubtedly feeling stronger and fitter for work and ne’er unreal of having the ability to keep up a hover for four ½ minutes! After eight weeks of Your Best Body Challenge i’m currently in a very healthier routine. This workout plan will help you.The changes in my mind-set and feeding habits are one in every of the most effective components of the challenge. i’m way more aware of the not solely the fat and calorie content of the food I consume, however a lot of significantly the carb and protein content. Snacking on supermolecule has greatly reduced my urge to repeatedly graze my means through the afternoon, give thanks goodness for supermolecule bars! I even have started another cycle of the Healthpointe program and solely have a couple of kilograms left to succeed in my ideal weight, then it’s all about maintenance. i actually want the changes I have already created to my feeding habits square measure what’s going to build maintaining a healthy weight achievable. Thanks vale and bait for all of your encouragement and support.

 Beck Moorfoot, Grand Champion, Your Best Body Challenge 2011

Beck lost eight.5kgs, 5.2% body fat and a complete of 36cms in the eight weeks of the challenge.


Exercise Tips

The “Other Part” Of Weight Loss (workout plan)

weight loss

With nutrition down, succeeding successful thanks to a skinnier region is sweet quaint exercise. I’ll share a couple of fast exercises you’ll start with right away, and if you wish a lot of, don’t hesitate to decision ME on 5242 8912 or 0411 158 972.


Always, Always, forever begin With A tune-up (workout plan)

Before going “at it” whether or not it’s strength or aerobic coaching you’re doing, you must always for up 1st. Tearing a muscle or stretching one thing additional than it’s meant to travel will have you ever sidelined for a minimum of a couple of weeks, which solely slows down your progress. It’s simply crazy to miss this important get out.

The goal of a tune-up is to urge your body prepared for a exertion, I’ll generally begin mine by obtaining the guts beating and also the blood pumping with a fast, light jog (no quite five minutes).

I conjointly embody some dynamic stretches, paying a lot of attention to the muscles you are progressing to be victimisation the foremost as I train. Dynamic stretches square measure supported movement instead of holding the stretch (they square measure for the tip of your sessions). consider the swimmers, before a race they shake their arms facet to facet and jump up and down…. they do not lay down on the bottom and do a hamstring stretch (as this lengthens the muscle and leaves it in additional of a resting state that in turns will increase the chance of injury).

The Two classes Of Exercise You’ll wish To target (workout plan)

After warming up, you’ll begin either one in every of 2 varieties of exercise – aerobic or strength coaching – you’ll need to place reckoning on what your goals square measure. presumptuous it’s weight loss, a mix of the 2 works best. I’ll offer you AN example exertion set up and also the finish of this session thus you’ll see what I mean, let ME offer you a couple of exercise for every first…

Aerobic exercise (workout plan): is superb for your heart and cardiovascular system, it’s conjointly an enormous calorie burner… Walking, running, skipping, boxing, sport and swimming square measure all smart samples of accessible aerobic exercises you’ll start with.

As for strength coaching, the goal here is to make muscle for a toned, lean look on the surface. But also as a result of on the within, muscle burns up calories quick. which implies whereas you’re observation T.V. or even sleeping, you’re burning calories quicker than you ordinarily would.

It’s vital to notice that, generally strength coaching won’t flip you into Arnold Schwarzenegger… Unless that’s your goal. for many of my feminine purchasers, that clearly isn’t their goal then the strength coaching I visit is meant to work out, not bulge your body.

On the opposite hand, lots of my male purchasers don’t mind bulging skeletal muscle then I work with them on higher intensity strength coaching. no matter YOUR goal is, the coaching exercises i’m on the brink of share can get you results.

Home workout plan Program

Over consequent pages i will be able to show you some easy bodyweight exercises you’ll do to exercise, burn fat and facilitate slenderize.

But why bodyweight exercises?

The frantic pace of contemporary life implies that finding time to exercise will usually be exhausting. An overcrowded gymnasium, can’t be discomposed coaching outside, not enough instrumentation or area to try and do a full workout at home…. these ar all real reasons that I hear everyday. however with bodyweight exercises:

  • very little area needed
  • No instrumentation required
  • are often done with efficiency and effectively
  • Gets additional muscles operating
  • Helps burn fat, tone muscles and profit strength
  • Improve energy levels
  • practical in respect to standard of living

The type of bodyweight coaching we’re victimisation during this program is named High Intensity Interval coaching (HIIT). It’s an easy format of 30-45 seconds of exercise by vi rounds followed by AN adequate rest (say 1-2 minutes). I’ve chosen exercises which will complete one another in conjunction with supplying you with a piece out for all areas of your body. you’ll conjointly mix this compute together with your own coaching e.g. using the exercises in between doing a home gymnasium session OR finishing it when doing a gaggle exercise class (challenging however achievable!).

The guide for the exercises we have a tendency to ar victimisation during this program comes from the FitDeck weight cards. The exercises that are chosen ar moderately basic however the cards themselves provide you a visible image to figure off in conjunction with some technique pointers. to get a group of fifty six cards for simply $18 (or the other cards within the vary at a but retail price) contact vale on 0411 158 972 or 5242 8912. scrutinize computer to check the complete vary of cards accessible.

THE WARM UP (workout plan)

weight loss

It’s crucial to heat up before any home compute sessions, it’ll get your muscles and joints able to do your program.

Forward and backward arm rotations—30 seconds every direction

Forward and backward leg swings—30 seconds every leg

Running on the spot with high knee lifts OR march on the spot with high knee lifts—30 seconds

Swing arms aspect to across the body—30 seconds

In a sprinters beginning position, go up and down on your heels—30 seconds

Side bends running arms down the aspect of your body—30 seconds

Shoulder shrugs—30 seconds (15 seconds every way)

Torso twists each ways that rotating the body to seem behind yourself—30 seconds

Hurdler motion rotating the leg inwards—30 seconds every leg

You can conjointly use this heat up routine in between your compute days because it can facilitate together with your recovery.

You need to decide on two exercises to try and do along. Do one exercise for 30-45 seconds followed straight away by the opposite exercise. This pattern must be recurrent three times before resting. You then move on to a different set of 2 exercises. Rest. Then your last set of 2 exercises. There’s a sample program listed on consequent page otherwise you will select your own exercises to go with every other.

Star Jumpers

Also referred to as squat jumps. assume squatting then exploding up and reaching hands to the sky.

Cross Countries

Start in a very split stance sort of a lunge, arms and legs move con sort of a race athlete.

Knee Taps

Lift knees to hands that ar positioned out from the body.

Bicycle Crunches

Laying on your back, begin together with your left knee up and your right leg extended. Push your left leg out, bring your right knee up and as you are doing therefore crunch and twist taking your opposite elbow to your knee. Continue this movement with management.

Chase The Rabbits

In a sprinters beginning position with hands on the ground, alternate delivery knees towards your chest and planting your toes as quick as you’ll.

Side Crunches (each side)

Roll your legs to 1 aspect so that they ar bent and on high of every alternative. From this position complete a crunch movement regularly.

Forward Lunges (each leg)

Step forward ensuring your front knee doesn’t go past your front toe. be constant leg.


Starting in a very push up position on your toes, bring your knee towards the alternative elbow. Alternate legs or repeat on constant leg.

Frog  jump

Starting in a very push up position on your toes, jump your legs forward in order that your feet find yourself planted on the bottom (heels down and slightly turned out) and as near your hands as potential. Then jump them back out once more to the beginning position.

Marine Push Ups

Start in either a toes or knees push up position, lower your body all the way down to the bottom then sweep both arms up on top of your head in order that your hands bit. Bring them back to by your chest and push yourself keep a copy into the beginning position.

Split Push Ups

In the push up position, tuck one arm in near the body and also the alternative one out on a forty five degree angle. The elbow of the arm that’s near the body ought to go straight back once doing the push up and also the alternative elbow bent on the aspect. amendment hand positions each five push ups.

Spiderman Hovers

In the hover or plank position (on elbows and toes), take one foot off the bottom and convey that knee towards constant elbow. Slowly come it to the stable hover position and repeat on the opposite aspect of the body.

The sample program on the subsequent page outlines a slow build up, doing additional cardio to start with. But if you’re ready to jump right into your program then be happy to try and do 3-4 days of your HIIT bodyweight sessions.

Sample Week of coaching (workout plan)

What i will be able to stress tho’ is initiate on the straightforward facet and physical exertion to avoid injury. Also, if you need any of the exercises changed then please don’t hesitate to contact American state on 0411 158 972. If you push yourself to the limit on the primary day, you’ll be hobbling around for consecutive 5 around and that’s clearly not planning to assist you towards your health and fitness goals. And don’t forget about incorporating smart nutrition and adequate recovery into Your Body Transformation success set up too.

weight loss

What kind of noticeable results have you ever got from your training? (workout plan)

“anonymous fitness has improved, once I initial started i used to be 98kgs, once we weighed in quickly within the week i used to be eighty six.5kg, that’s nearly 12kg I even have lost. My body fat was twenty-ninth and it’s all the way down to twenty-second, I have improved my muscle levels and my fluid levels in addition through rehydrating before and when and generally. individuals have began to notice the burden loss, few chins and abdomen has disappeared, very little things like that. For the primary month wanting within the mirror I didn’t notice any changes, however, my married person was, she was creating comments that i used to be beginning strengthen on the chest, belly and therefore the arms and stuff like that.” – Matt, age 36, Grovedale


“I’ve at times managed to slim on my very own with portion management and exercise however as time has passed, and with a family and job, the psychological feature energy was wearing skinny. i used to be finding it more durable to shift the burden and the fat was showing in places that had ne’er been drawback areas on behalf of me before. I patterned i might provide HealthPointe a go coz it had been completely different to what i might been trying. it’s a commitment that I created to myself and that I am glad I did. I wasn’t a model student however it had been forgiving enough to still work on behalf of me and that i have lost weight steady. There wasn’t a large commitment to high intensity workouts and therefore the focus was to pretty much eat all day (appropriate decisions, of course). One of the most crucial options to success was Dale’s coaching. the primary few weeks may be difficult because you’re attempting to interrupt previous habits which is the time you would like a assistance the foremost. you shouldn’t be too proud to do that. My cravings area unit gone, I don’t feel empty enjoying life and i am ingestion additional fruit and veg ever.” – Amutha, age 36, Highton Amutha lost half-dozen.2kgs, 4.1% body fat, 6cms off her waist, 6cms off her navel and five.5cms off her hips in just half-dozen weeks.

Claire lost 5kgs, third body fat, 8.5cms off her navel, 6.5cms off her waist and five.5cms off her hips in precisely half-dozen weeks following the HealthPointe program.

“After losing my exertion from planning to associate degree overcrowded athletic facility, the friendly cluster setting has helped American state to regain my incentive to exercise. You’re not a unidentified face within the category and therefore the trainers area unit terribly friendly and inspiring. I relish the variability of sessions from boxing to bootcamp which area unit perpetually difficult and fun, they’re ne’er boring. Being a lady in my 40’s I feel comfortable attending all categories because the trainers cater to any or all ages and fitness levels. “ Julie, age 46, Grovedale

Weekly Assessment listing

Review And See however Well you’re sticking out To A Healthy

Lifestyle… Then modify consequently For successive Week



Nutrition (workout plan) :

Are you uptake a full breakfast (with protein) every day?                                                                   affirmative  NO

Are you getting into macromolecule based mostly snacks intermediate your main meals?        affirmative  NO

Are you taking supplements every and each day?                                                                                  affirmative  NO

Have you eliminated your alcohol consumption?                                                                                  affirmative  NO

Are you drinking enough water every day?                                                                                             affirmative  NO

Have you been following your daily supermolecule intake?                                                                affirmative  NO

Are you staying among the allotted daily carbs limit? affirmative NO

If not, are you able to create still create some changes to your uptake habits?                               affirmative  NO

Exercise (workout plan):

How many of your bodyweight coaching sessions have you ever completed? an awesome

Are you finishing additional vas coaching sessions or your ten,000 steps per day?



Is your fitness improving?                                        affirmative NO

Are you ensuring to tune-up, cool-down, and stretch before

and once each workout?                                          affirmative NO

Overall (workout plan) :

Identify your strengths: What’s going very well along with your program right now?

Identify area unitas for improvement: What parts of your program are you troubled with?

Action steps to boost results: What action steps are you able to fancy improve your program for successive week?



How’s The Journey Been For You? (workout plan)

Where were you 6-weeks ago? (write a fast outline of however you felt, however you looked, why you wanted to alter and why you selected to try to to the half dozen Week Weight Loss Challenge)


How did you’re feeling 3-weeks into the Challenge? (Was it hard? Did you doubt yourself? Were you starting to see results? Were you beginning to feel results? What created you retain going?)


Where area unit you currently once half dozen weeks? (What results have you ever achieved? however does one feel? however has your life changed? does one see yourself sticking out to this? wherever does one see yourself within the future?)





3 Teaspoons = one Tablespoon

2 Tablespoons = one Fluid Ounce

4 Tablespoons = two Fluid Ounces = ¼ Cup

5 1/3 Tablespoons = sixteen Teaspoons = 1/3 Cup

8 Tablespoons = four Fluid Ounces = ½ Cup

16 Tablespoons = eight Fluid Ounces = one Cup

2 Cups = one Pint

4 Cups = two Pints = one Quart

16 Cups = eight Pints = four Quarts = one Gallon

1 Quart = one liter

1 Cup = 235 Millilitres

¾ Cup = one hundred seventy five Millilitres

½ Cup = one hundred twenty Millilitres

1/3 Cup = eighty Millilitres

¼ Cup = sixty Millilitres

1 Fluid Ounce = thirty Millilitres

1 Tablespoon = one5 Millilitres

1 Teaspoon = five Millilitres

1 Ounce (oz) = twenty eight.4 Grams

1 Pound (lbs) = 454 Grams (about [*fr1] a kilo)

100⁰F = 38⁰C

150⁰F = 66⁰C

200⁰F = 95⁰C

225⁰F = 110⁰C

250⁰F = 120⁰C

275⁰F = 140⁰C

300⁰F = 150⁰C

325⁰F = 165⁰C

350⁰F = 180⁰C

375⁰F = 190⁰C

400⁰F = 205⁰C

425⁰F = 220⁰C

450⁰F = 230⁰C


Where area unit you currently once eight weeks? (workout plan)

“Week eight has arrived, and that i will undoubtedly say my general fitness and well being has improved, way more than I expected it might over Associate in Nursing eight week amount. i am feeling plenty a lot of happier and energetic day by day. I currently perceive that everyday counts and its not all concerning “starting on Monday”. I completed my final 10km fun run yesterday, cutting 17mins off my time from eight weeks ago and finishing beneath 60mins. one thing i’d ne’er have unreal of doing. though the eight week challenge is also over I feel that it’s a lot of of a begin on behalf of me to continue on and keep motivated  (especially over the Christmas period!!!). I attempt to stick with it setting new goals for the longer term, and who knows perhaps do a [*fr1] marathon next year???” Lee Chapman, Grand Champion, Beach Body Challenge 2011 Lee lost 6cms of her navel, 5cms off her hips and improved her fitness by forty second.

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