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Nautilus T614 Treadmill

It’s a nice looking machine and is solid and sturdy, the cord provided to plug in a music player. The controls are easy to adjust and it is very comfortable and stable to walk on.

The Nautilus T614 has some excellent features. It includes numerous workout programs. The “Strike Zone Cushioning” essentially means that the deck gives on impact. This results in less stress on the body with each step. It’s no simple gimmick. The difference between exercising on the treadmill or on a standard hard surface is noticeable. The fold-up deck design is nice for economizing space or for relocating the machine. Adjustments can also be made quickly to preset settings with the push of just two buttons. The console tracks distance, calories burned, time, and heart rate. While in operation, the machine is relatively quiet.

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The weight and size of the stroller added to the weight of an older child would make this a beast to keep under control on the downhill of your favorite jogging trail.

The break is a must if you run on any hilly areas with a couple of toddlers. The newly adjustable handlebar allows me enough room to run at any speed without the worry of my feet hitting the stroller. Sure the accessories are an extra expense but the quality of this brand is worth it. Every part of this stroller is so user-friendly and it’s so easy to navigate around with it. It has solid construction, comfortable for the toddler with effective shielding for sun and wind, easy to fold and unfold and drive very smoothly.

BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump

The pressure gauge is large enough to read while pumping. The adjustable red mark on the pressure gauge helps a bunch. The large base is also a plus.

It is lightweight and that the gauge has an indicator you can adjust for easy reading while inflating. There is a dual connection that is switched by a lever. Make sure you are aware of the arrow on the dial is pointing to the “S” or “P” depending on your tires, not the actual level itself. Pump arrived with some oil or lubricant on its shaft. It is easily wiped away with a dry paper towel. It doesn’t push the valve stem down when you attach the head to the valve. By pumping, the air outside the valve stem increases and forces its way through the valve and voila!

Topeak Micro Rocket Bike Pump

This bike pump is small, super light, and the carbon fiber of which it is made looks very nice when mounted on the carbon fiber bottle cage on my carbon fiber bike.

The effectiveness of micropumps is inversely proportional to size, and this is no exception. The good news is that, if you are patient and are willing to pump like 200 pumps or more, the Micro Rocket will pump up your high-pressure road tire to the acceptable level. Not 120PSI you or the pump will pass out before you get there, but maybe 90PSI and you can get home. Perhaps because the head is optimized for Presta valves, the pump gave me no leak problems, just a lot of pumping required. The carbon fiber body is very cool, and hard to beat the aluminum version.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

If you intend to use with the infant car seat (B-Safe 35) make sure you get the BOB Britax Car Seat Adapter as well. Does great on trails and rough terrain.

Obviously, the Bob Pro Stroller can’t do everything all of those can do, what it is capable of is awesome, & the smooth ride rivals the best of them. The brake is a MUST & the black metal is significantly more aesthetically pleasing than the silver and It’s also really comfortable for you to use. It works great with the Graco car seat – the BOB canopy reaches to the car seat canopy for great coverage if it’s windy outside or if it starts to drizzle – and she can still see out through the clear plastic window in the BOB canopy.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Lightweight and easy to transport from room to room. Took off a star because the music could be better and it will squeak but overall it’s a great swing.

If you need a silent swing with useful music and nature sounds keep looking. It’s easy to move from one place to another even to separate into parts if you want to take it with you on a trip. It’s easy to put together, space saver, and the wing has 6 different speed options with plays music and other sounds like wilderness and animal sounds. It’s great because it plugs in with battery back up. No auto shut of to disturb your baby’s nap and while it makes a clicking as it swings the sound is soft and not distracting.

2015 mamaRoo infant seat – classic grey

This swing by all rights should be blow you out of the water awesome. The controller pad is black so it’s kind of hard to see what you are pressing.

The Mamaroo is like a car ride and tree swing and it has five unique motions and five different speeds. It has four built-in sounds or connects it to any MP3 player. With the multiple positions, the seat reclines to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. You can control the movement speed, sound and volume from your compatible smart device because of it’s Bluetooth device. From one room to another it is easy to move around, not at all heavy. The Mamaroo works just fine, it had multiple settings for movement is very smooth and quiet.

(Upgraded Version) Baby Monitor, LAPUTA

The app is easy to use, and it lets you set up push notifications and adjust the sound sensitivity. The audio is quite good as well, with very little distortion.

This one has a few features that are the Temperature Sensor, Night Vision, Lullabies, ECO Mode, and Long Transmission Range. So that you can go out the house while the baby is sleeping. you can see with a large range and can zoom the details which are great to figure out baby’s movement in the parent monitor lasts up to 4 hours after charged. It’s super easy to use and setup and you can use it without wifi. Compare to my other monitor, the good thing about it is that you don’t have to watch your phone all the time since there is a separate screen.

Newborn Baby Monitor with Night Vision

The installation is super easy – you’ll just need to plug in the camera, turn on the parent monitor and you’re good to go a The video quality is pretty good.

This monitor is great because It is light and easy to carry around the house. It has a big monitor screen, which for me is a must. The camera has a wide range, so you can see almost the entire room if you chose to. When the camera is in the zoom mode you can adjust/move the picture to the left or to the right, so it is perfectly focused on the baby. The two-way talk function works nicely and it helps to avoid several “trips” to your baby room. Its range is totally enough and never had any problem with that.

Weanas New Generation Bike Handlebar Grip

Grips are well made and easy to install, grips are made so they won’t get slippery when wet, have a hand rest and for both regular horizontal and side grip.

These grips are very comfortable and relieve fatigue on your hands and they are a bit wider than the other brand. You can reposition your hands on the tips of the grips to hold the handlebars with your thumbs/palms to rest your hands and this is much better than the hard rubber coarse grips. The grips slipped right on and locked in place nice and tightly with the simple turn of an Allen Wrench. It is stylish and comfortable with beautifully designed and the grips are supportive and firm. We would highly recommend for road bike riders looking for comfortable and stylish grips.

Lumintrail Bike Cable Lock

The cable is a thickness that can make you comfortable leaving your bike with this cable lock around it. It’s quite easy to use and simple to lock and unlock.

The Lumintrail Bike Cable Lock is sturdy and it’s very easy to set and it’s a good lock with a decently thick cable. It will definitely keep somebody from just walking off with your bike. To lock up accessories or something this lock should also be used in addition to a more heavy duty lock. This is a great little lock and from grabbing your bike and riding away where you just want to keep somebody, so you can park your bike in a safe area. If you are running into the store or at the park and want to lock your bike then it’s definitely good.

Omega 3 Fish Oil 2250mg| Arazo Nutrition

This fish oil is filtered for pollutants and is flavorless. It has a high EPA & DHA – that’s what you look for in fish oil. You will feel a difference if you have achy and stiff joints.

omega 3 fish oil has a high quality of Omega 3 Fish Oil 2250mg | HIGH EPA 1200MG + DHA 900MG Triple Strength Burpless Capsules. If you are unaware Omega 3 is the only Omega you need. Your body can make Omega 9 so no need there and Omega 6 is in everything you eat French Fries, Milk, Eggs, cookies, etc. For someone who sits at a desk all day, both of these benefits are extremely helpful. This also appears to have the highest potency at an extremely reasonable price. The high dose of EPA and DHA and there is no fishy burping either.

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

Huggies Overnites diapers are so absorbent and lifesaver also. Just make sure to put it on your baby right before bedtime and it’s pretty good to go.

This is a good size for bigger kids and can really hold a lot. It’s overnight retention ability pretty much eclipses the more expensive Pampers, especially when you consider that a child that takes a lot of fluid usually milk just before bedtime will pass more fluids overnight. These will be full in the morning, but they definitely look as if they can handle the capacity better than normal diapers. The diapers have a really cute night time Winnie and they are great for kids who sleep long nights and for kids who sleep on their stomach and tend to wet through diapers in the night.

Playtex Diaper Genie Refills

It’s easy to use, since it has the foot pedal, and it really keeps the smell out. The plastic is a good thickness and holds the diapers without splitting, stretching, smelling, or leaking.

As far as the product, it works really well with the genie bags last quite a while, and we do cover up the smell very well. When you open the diaper genie, you can cut the top of the bag by using a hidden cutting mechanism which is in the middle of the diaper genie. These refills work perfectly to both mask odor and to remove diapers in bulk. Very easy to tie up the ends and saves you from having to constantly bag up smelly diapers. Very good price for something you will need about 116 times per year.

Enteer Baby Girls Rabbit Slipper

The Enteer Baby Girls Rabbit Slippers are really nicely made. Really like the non-slip the bottom is hard so she does not slip around on hardwood/linoleum/tile floors.

The Enteer Baby Girls Rabbit Slippers are warm plush linen with nice designer upper that made with rubber sole. You can use this when your baby in 3-36 months and it’s fit for this age babies. It’s for the winter season and for your baby girls. To choose the right size for your baby please measure your baby’s foot and the recommended age is just for your reference there may be 1-2 cm of the allowable range error because of the different measurement methods. These are super cute and perfect for a tiled house. The no-slip guard is excellent, especially for energetic toddlers.

Celavi Wool Baby Girls Boys Shoes

The best soft sole shoes that fit chubby feet and Velcro is great, allows for perfect fit. The shoes are beautiful, great quality, soft and the leather sole is non-slip.

If you are a fan of Robeez you will love these. The shoes are beautiful, great quality, soft and the leather sole is non slip. It’s perfect for indoor use when your baby stays in your Home/Daycare/Preschool with the velcro strap closure for easy fit. To learn your child stand or walk it’s the best shoe for your baby. The Celavi Wool Baby Girls Boys Shoes is so comfortable in the winter and cool in summer and in the winter it this shoe is little feet warm on your baby’s foot. While your baby getting around it’s so soft and itch-free wool with a secure grip.

Kimitech Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

This tracker keeps track of steps, heart beats per minute and everything with a perfect score. The screen surface is more smooth and you can use it with a larger LED color screen.

The overall functions of Kimitech Fitness Tracker are stopwatch function, sedentary reminder, Time and date display, blood pressure real-time monitoring, text message content view, anti-lost alert, blood oxygen real-time monitoring, sports goals finished reminder, real-time or regular heart rate monitoring, settings function, step calories display, remote camera shoot, call reminder, and many more. In daily washing, raining, bathing, swimming and outdoor activities without damaging the smart bracelet it’s sweat-proof function and waterproof can be used. With Bluetooth version 4.0 or later in the iOS and Android smartphones, it is suitable. According to the user guide guidelines, it is very easy to operate.

Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version)

All day it tracks how many calories you’re burning, and when you log your food, it tracks how many you’ve ingested, then it calculates your calories in vs. calories out for you.

It’s nice to have that physical representation of your activity during the day, and it makes you want to get out and walk more to try to beat your previous day’s count. Where the Charge 2 beats the Flex 2 is with its capabilities such as the heart monitor and a screen to show time and stats throughout the day, but you have your phone on you 24/7 anyways those aren’t that important. it is very user-friendly and counts your steps and you can be competitive with your friends as well. Also, the battery life is displayed on the app.

Kent Northwoods Springdale Men’s Bicycle

The ride is smooth and quite stylish. You start putting the handlebars in place make sure the big round nut is loose where you can easily slide your handle in place.

This bike is very smooth, and quiet, easy to ride. You’ll need two hex wrenches, as well as, standard fix-it tools for this one, but given that, everything came together pretty easily. Fortunately quite a bit of the bike had been factories assembled, such as the rear wheel with the derailer, kickstand, and rear brakes. Gear shifting was smooth and the bike is steady. This bike has a unique frame geometry to place a rider my size way up high but still in control. It’s so strange that you’d want to ride it first to see if you like it.

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

This is an awesome bike at a very reasonable price! The frame is made in China and I’ll just say it’s not the prettiest geometry for a bike frame.

If you’ve ever changed an inner tube or adjusted your derailleur, then it’s not too big a deal. You’ll have to put on the front wheel, fender, seat, and attach the handlebars all can be done with a couple Allen wrenches and a screwdriver. The brake and gear lines are already attached for you. You will also need to adjust the brakes which is easy to get working and very difficult to get exactly right, but that’s always the case with these type of brakes. There were a couple of loose nuts and washers in the box. This is it. The fork and seatposts make the ride slightly mushy.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

This treadmill is now sturdy, sleek, quiet and smooth for running, whereas the older ones were noisy, clunky, and jolted around. The instructions say to use a surge protector when plugged in.

Take your time lining up the holes, what’s your hurry?! Alrighty, it’s assembled and you’re in your new workout gear, turn this baby on and start walking! Using some of the cardboard pieces that were used as some of the packagings, the motor side of the machine is easily propped up and the installation of the bolts can be done without the help of another person. It is fairly easy to operate and has enough basic features to change your walking pace to keep your exercise interesting and engaging. There is adequate space for a large bottle of water and a central spot perfect for your Kindle.

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer provides you 5″ LCD display with built-in Sonic surround speakers the MP3 compatible.

It helps you to display includes your calories, program level, speed, distance, heart rate, watts and it also includes the weight loss, rolling, manual, calorie goal & more. It has a solid feel and measures up very well to ellipticals. It’s sturdy and not as long as some of the others, and super, super quiet. It provides a good workout and the speakers are pretty good and it is convenient to connect your phone to them using the provided wire. The box was heavy in order to assemble the machine we opened the box and carried each piece into the room. The actual assembly is not difficult and all tools were provided.

LULULION Bike Computer, Bike Odometer Cycling

The LULULION Bike Computer is so good bike computer with the bunch of functionalities and it is very accurate and easy to set up.

The functions are nice, setting it up is not that difficult, finding the right spot is the tricky part. You need to do some math. The computer itself is compact, but the numbers are really nice and visible. It seems to be pretty accurate and it has a nice big screen. It has an auto wake-up from the sleeping mode that is the new generation bicycle speedometer features as it senses the vibration from a bicycle. The LULULION bike computer is perfect for an ordinary biking, road cycling, mountain bikes, folding bike and much more. It has also a wireless technology so it can keep accurate tracking by holding the sensor.

Swagman Anti-wobble Threaded Hitch Pin

Great for securing the bike rack to the tow hitch as well as the bikes to the bike rack. It would take some determination and tools for someone to remove the rack or bikes.

This hitch pin and security cable works very well with the Swagman XC Cross Country rack. The cable is long enough to adequately secure two bikes. Works perfectly with the Swagman X2 carrier. Easy to use and no wobble. It’s solid, has a nice locking device and definitely keeps the hitch from rattling. With this locking bolt and cable, the bolt is long enough to go thru and lock and the cable is a bonus. The added security and stability provided by this hitch pin makes bike theft almost impossible! It secures the bikes to the rack and car.

BalanceFrom GoYoga High Density

It’s comfortable enough you don’t have to worry, seems fairly slip resistant enough to avoid skidding on the hardwood tile, and also rolls up nicely and compactly when you go to put it away.

It is a nice quality and good thickness to provide support and protection from the floor. The mat rolls up nice and tight and comes with a strap to keep it rolled up and even has a carrying handle. It’s very light, convenient and easy to carry around and It is also just the right thickness. The color is perfect – not too bright, not too dull, and the mat holder is very convenient for transporting the product. It also comes with a nice strap that slides onto the mat to carry it more easily and the material seems to be of a decent quality.

Heathyoga LIMITED TIME DEAL Yoga Mat

The mat is very soft and comfortable, probably the nice. It’s very sticky for a regular, non-heated, daily yoga practice. This mat is also slightly larger than normal which again is a huge bonus.

This mat has the perfect thickness, suitable for just about every form of yoga. The high quality is noticeable just by looking at it, even more, when touched and used even the yoga instructor was very drawn to it. The material is top quality and the markings on top are helpful. It comes with the nice velcro tie and the “rope” to hang it on the arm and the lines on it are very helpful. It is the perfect thickness when you need to balance but also need some cushion for your knees on a hard floor. The grip is awesome.

New Balance Women’s Trail Running Shoe

The mesh material would definitely allow for a lot of air flow which is optimal for those hot summer days. The construction of the shoe was also great.

This running shoe that works well on the trail (traction), have a finger grip for putting shoes on, and a thin tongue. Overall these shoes are very comfortable and did not need any breaking-in. They fit great and feel great when you put it on and it’s very comfortable excellent support, and durability. These shoes will help you trying to incorporating a light cardio session here and there and also the color is very vivid. When you have wide feet and as a diabetic need room from your toes then not to get squished these are great and this is also the best walking shoe for the gym.

Adidas Men’s Energy Running Shoe

These shoes are very comfortable and for the price, it makes the purchase really worth it. Very comfortable, very nice looking, super light while still having a rubber sole.

Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud M Running Shoes are lightweight without feeling flimsy, and the uppers are extremely breathable, so they’re great for spring/summer and the “Cloud foam” absorbs impact without being too soft/squishy. It’s been a pleasure to have the extra padding on the souls when you run and play soccer as opposite to traditional cleats or racecourse boots. Pain in the knees, buns, and ankles is greatly waned after playing in these shoes. True to size fit and very blessed while being supportive with great style. Good for walking and for light sports and the Royal Blue is a very handsome color.

LED Safety Light 2 Pack – Night-time Visibility

These lights clip on well and come with a Velcro strap so you can get creative on placement. The lights are incredibly bright and have three settings: solid, fast blinking and regular blinking.

There are several modes (steady, fast flashing, slow flashing), that should work for any use. These also come with extra batteries, which gave me a piece of mind for the relay. The lights have three settings constant, fast flashing (strobe) and slower flashing. As long as they hold up over time these are the perfect safety lights. They also came with an extra battery each and two straps with Velcro. These lights are easy to clip on my clothes and make me visible from a long distance. It’s pretty bright, buttons work well with easy push, the clips hold on well too.

onestops8 Multi-Function Bicycle Repair Kit

The one stops 8 44 PC multifunction repair kit set box is easy to use, portable, brand new and high-quality and it’s also easy to carry and convenient to use.

This repair kit set box is perfect for DIY bicycle projects and obviously, you can use this to repair your motorcycle, bicycle, and many more vehicles. You can also use it in complete and universal for mountain bike, touring bicycle, road bicycle, cross-country bicycle and so on. It is lightweight, strong and durable with the PE material case. This repair kit set box is made of carbon steel and the case material of PE and very strong and durable. All the repairing tools are attached here that you use to repair your vehicles easily and you can also carry it when you traveling.