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Maximum Strength ( Gold/silver)


The Most Effective Training Program For Maximum Strength And Muscle



Ever notice that when you’re strongest, your physique looks its best?

How I achieved a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift

How I finally achieved a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift


The stronger you are at a certain body weight, the more muscle you’re going to carry. And more muscle at a given body weight means less fat. Less fat means more definition. You need a program that’ll boost your strength as quickly as possible. Look no further, 2 x 4 is the ultimate program for maximum strength and muscle.

How do I know? For 6 years, I’d been struggling to reach a 600 lb deadlift. I was so close, but I could never close the gap. 2 x 4 enabled me to finally achieve this feat. My colleagues who tested out the program saw the same transformations, noticing rapid strength gains and improvements in body composition, aesthetics, and self-confidence. You deserve to experience the same rewards from your training.

AndrewI’ve tried many different training systems, and 2 x 4 increased my strength far more than any program so far. As an already advanced raw 181 lb lifter with a 475 lb squat, 315 lb bench press, and 455 lb deadlift, I didn’t think that I had much room to gain. Boy was I wrong! On 2 x 4, I put 50 lbs on my squat, 50 lbs on my bench press, and a whopping 110 lbs on my deadlift in just 14-weeks. During this time, my body composition improved dramatically and I put on visible amounts of muscle while losing fat. 2 x 4 has my highest endorsement. It worked for me, and it will work for you. – Andrew Serrano