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Blast Your Bench 10th Year Special Edition Program + Extra Bonuses!


You Want Muscle… You Want Strength… And You Want It Now!




Blast Your Bench - The Ultimate MASS Building Power Workout!

On this very page you are about to find out how to increase your max bench press by as much as 51 Pounds in just a few short weeks while getting Bigger, Stronger, and more Muscular all over!





Lee Hayward - Creator Of The Blast Your Bench Program Dear Muscle Building Enthusiast;I have a question for you…

Are you happy with your current level of strength and muscular development?

Can you honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that you are totally satisfied and confident with how your body looks right now?


  • Are you FRUSTRATED by the fact that you bust your ass in the gym day after day          but still seem to get nowhere?
  • Are you EMBARRASSED by your scrawny, soft mushy body? And do people look at your in disbelief when you tell them that you even workout?
  • Are you INSECURE about how your body looks to the point where you keep covered up under baggy clothes to hide how out of shape you are?
  • Have you ever DREADED going to the beach or to the pool because you would be HUMILIATED about taking your shirt off in front of others?
  • Do you find that people don’t give you the RESPECT you deserve because of the shape you are in physically?
  • Are you SHY and SELF-CONSCIOUS about approaching women because you feel puny and inferior compared to the more athletic guys?
  • Are you STUCK IN A RUT with your muscle gains at a stand still plateau and going nowhere in terms of building a stronger more muscular body?
  • Are you SICK and TIRED of wasting your hard earned money on over hyped muscle building supplements that promise everything, but deliver nothing?
  • Are you FED UP with all the confusing and conflicting training information that’s out there… And almost to the point wanting to quit working out entirely because you don’t know who or what to believe anymore?
  • Do you FEAR that you’ll NEVER be able to get the athletically muscular body that you so desperately desire? That being big and strong isn’t even possible for you and that you’ll just stay the same forever?