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7 best video baby monitor review of 2018

PUBLISHED October 1, 2018

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and challenging things you’ll ever go through, and as well as coming to terms with a new addition to your life, you’ll also need to learn how to look after it. These days, there’s plenty of handy devices to help you along the way – a very important one being a baby monitor, which help you keep a close eye on your little one even when it’s not with you. As well as giving you a peace of mind, keeping an eye on your baby when it’s alone also helps you learn its habits and natural sleeping schedule. But with so many out there, it’s hard to know which one to go for. So, we’ve picked out these 7 best video baby monitor. After testing more than 120 mounted cameras and spent more than 150 hours our expertise is decided that these 7-video cameras are the best video baby monitor. Let’s see 7 best video baby monitor review of 2018

best video baby monitor

Wireless best Video Baby Monitor | Evoz Vision

The video is clear and vivid and it has a great night view. Quick and straight-forward setup. You can work with your iPhone as well as your Android. Compact and easy to bring along on vacation. The power cord is nice and long. Highly recommend!

The Wireless Video Baby Monitor | Evoz Vision is super simple to use and install and it has great night vision. You can use it even when you aren’t home and give guest access to another phone. You can set up alerts for cries or major change in temperature in the room. You can view multiple rooms on one phone if you have more than one monitor. Customer service was phenomenal. It has so many great features like being able to connect to Wi-Fi and your phone and how it sends you notifications when your baby has been crying for more than 10 seconds. As a working mom, having the cry notifications is nice too. You can see securely and reliably check in on your baby from anywhere in the world. It has also been great to see your baby on demand from anywhere and take pictures/videos when he/she is being cute. If with both of you being both super busy professionals, it is wonderful that you can both check in on the baby wherever you might be and the talkback feature is amazing and the audio alerts feature is a must. It takes a little fiddling to get the notifications set to wake you up- but overall simple for those who can handle technology.

best video baby monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The video quality is pretty good and the sound picks up very well too. The buttons are easy to use and there’s a “short-cut” button that makes controlling the volume and brightness easy, so you don’t have to hunt through the menu.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is the newest model from Infant Optics and this monitor is sleek and stylish. The picture is great during the day as well as at night. It has night vision, so even in pitch dark, you can easily see your baby. During the day, the screen shows color. It picks up sound well. There is a sound meter on the side of the screen that shows how loud the room. The wireless monitor has a battery saving feature, which turns off the video after a certain amount of time. You can still hear the sound perfectly. You just hit the button on the top, one time, and the video comes back on. The picture is great during the day as well as at night. It has night vision, so even in pitch dark, you can easily see your baby. During the day, the screen shows color. It picks up sound well. There is a sound meter on the side of the screen that shows how loud the room is so you don’t necessarily have to have the sound turned up on the monitor. You can just watch the light meter. There is a temp gauge as well.

best video baby monitor

VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

The additional features on this monitor are an added bonus. The room temperature indicator is pretty accurate, and you can set an alarm to sound if it gets too hot or too cold in the room. The best thing is the ability to talk to your child through the monitor.

The VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor handles this extremely well with “Patrol Mode”. This feature switches back and forth every 8 seconds between the two cameras. The screen can be switched to the other camera just by depressing the “View” button. The image quality is fine, Nice variety of settings to personalize its function how you’d like it- sound sensitivity, screen brightness, volume, talk back, and each setting can be altered individually for each camera. You also can turn down the sensitivity so you only hear when your child is crying and not just making sleeping noises. The screen turns off until your baby cries so you don’t have a bright light in your face all night. The monitor beeps if the battery is dying and you can zoom in on the baby. The kids can hear me clearly and can let me know exactly what they need. This is a fabulous monitor! You can see everything the baby is doing and hears everything as well. Gives peace of mind while the little one is sleeping. You can peak in on them without going into the room and risk waking them up. Let sleeping baby lie! It’s portable too so you can take it to Grandma’s house. Or better yet, get one for her house too!

best video baby monitor

Summer Infant Ultra Sight Video Baby Monitor

Design & ergonomics are strong. The pan & tilt are quiet but our 9 mom notices the movement. Great picture decent sound and the monitor video sleep function works well. It saves the rechargeable battery but wakes up when there is activity in the crib and the zoom is fine.

The Summer Infant Ultra Sight Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor has night vision and plugs for both the monitor and camera so you do not have to worry about running out of battery during the night. Yes, they are detachable from the electrical cord so if you wanted to carry the monitor around with you that will work. This Summer Infant set offers the control of turning the screen off and just using as audio AND turning both the screen and audio off but still being able to see the dim lights turn red if it’s picking up the sound. Then you can decide if you want to turn the screen on and see your child and/or the audio on to hear what they are doing. However, it is also nice to be able to adjust the volume to only here if the baby cries. As for battery life, the receive seems to hold a charge for pretty long. The longest we ever keep it off the charger and turned on is probably 6 hours and when we put it back on the charger, the battery is still half full. It does interfere with the internet if it is right next to the computer or tablet. It has a great picture quality and the two way works perfectly.

VORCOOL Home Wireless Digital Audio Video Baby Monitor

The FLEXIBILITY of this product truly puts it in a category of its own. You can basically install it anywhere and you can move it without any hassle. The picture clarity is on point and the audio is very clear. If you have event notifications turned on, you will receive a push alert on your phone.

When the baby cries the monitor sends a 30-second video to your phone so you can check up on the baby. This detection is completely different than the noise detection. You can check into the monitor to check on baby from wherever you are through the cell phones, also you can talk to your baby too. There were a number of ways you could set up the camera. The night vision is amazing and the recording of events makes it easy to look back at what’s been happening. Snapshots, noise alerts, communication, and the incredible amount of room this thing picks up are just a few of the amazing features. If you want to use your phone or tablet instead of a dedicated monitor, this is the monitor for you. The best feature is the push notifications so you will get alarmed if your baby is crying if general sound rises about a certain level if movement occurs outside of your pre-set perimeter if temperature moves outside of your pre-set range. It’s a wireless camera other than the power source. Access from the internal network or remotely via the internet if you like. It’s best to create a separate email account to sign up with since you can only link 1 email to the camera.

best video baby monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor with LCD Display

The two-way sound function is a nice feature. If you press a button on the monitor you can talk to your baby through the camera’s speaker. The monitor is very small and lightweight, so it’s easy to put anywhere. Also has a temperature feature to see the temp of the nursery.

This baby monitor is excellent. The screen size is large enough to see your baby but not so large that it’s clunky, it picks up sound well, has excellent range in our 2000 sq. ft home and it has an eco-mode, which allows the monitor to “sleep” when the baby is quiet. It has varying sound sensitivities in eco mode, so it can turn on when your baby stirs a little if you want that, or when your baby makes a louder noise if you’d rather that. It has great battery life for naptime use in eco mode, and just keep it plugged in overnight and you’ll be fine. If the batter does start to run low, it beeps loudly to let you know you need to plug it in. You can talk to your baby about it, zoom in to see their cute little face, or turn on lullabies from it. Super easy to set up as it comes already paired and ready to go! Plugged in the camera, turned on the handheld monitor screen – that had some juice in the battery already – and was back out in the living room with friends in under 5 minutes. It’s very lightweight and unobtrusive.

best video baby monitor

TENVIS HD IP Camera – Wireless IP Camera

It comes with all the gear you need to set it up outside or inside. It works on wireless as well as on wire connection. The IP camera has a motion detection sensor that triggers alerts and pushes email notification. It has a sensor that will trigger automatically the night vision option.

The TENVIS HD IP Camera – Wireless IP Camera with Two-way Audio Works great, has a sensitive night light filter and the red dots snap on and the picture turns black and white, under lighted conditions the picture will be in full HD or SD color depending on your settings. So, for all the people complaining about the black and white picture make sure that you have lighting around the camera or it’s in night vision mode. If you know how to check your router and look for connected devices, look for a device named IPCAM and from there you can see the IP address issued to the camera. Using a web browser, the type that IP address into the URL bar and now you can, IMO, more easily set up your camera with its built-in web interface. The camera is view-able anywhere if you have a smartphone, the picture quality is very good. The audio is very good on the receiving end and the 2-way speaker function is great although it rarely comes in hand. The viewing angles are very good, and one of the best parts is you can remotely move the camera with your smartphone.

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As for the video quality, it’s great, both daytime and night-time. The camera has a wide-angle lens and the live feed only has a 1-2 second delay when using our home Wi-Fi. You are not able to manually create a video recording although you can take image stills. All event videos and image stills can be saved to your phone’s camera roll – something all parents will love. The talk feature will also be quite useful as our kid gets older. So far, we have never encountered the app crashing or the live feed not working. The app performance has been remarkably stable. Even the AC-USB adapter felt heavy and solid compared to the cheap ones that come with almost anything else. It came with a mounting bracket and some adhesive tubing to route the USB power cable. There is also a little clip that helps secure the flexible arm tightly if you are mounting it directly on the crib.
A women name Kayla Gilson, who is our regular customer. She said that she loves this monitor and it does lag a little bit but overall very clear picture sound it nice and loud, lets you know when your baby is crying! Didn’t realize this when she bought it but it plays music on it too which she thought was pretty cool, it’s super easy to install which was nice. This monitor is hands down one of the best in her opinion besides once again the lagging. She would highly recommend this monitor as the best video baby monitor.

How we choosed?

To look after on your child from another part of the house a baby monitor is a perfect way. We choose to base on some various features of these baby monitor that are important to you.

• Portability
At least with the receivers, most of the parents want to have the option of portability with their baby monitor. That means if mom or dad is working in the office or was busy in another work the receiver can be clipped to a pants pocket and run on battery power. One that operates solely on battery power, however, means that you will go through a lot of batteries. For the best of both worlds, choose a product that can operate with a battery and that also can be plugged into an outlet.

• Number of monitors
There are many more monitors that are available with two or three receivers if both parents want to be able to hear baby which is convenient. You always have a fresh receiver when the other is being recharged and the multiple receivers also come in handy.

• Range
Your lifestyle and how you will use the monitor will determine the range you choose, but a good rule of thumb is a range of at least 200 feet. You will usually pay more for a greater range, and if you will use it, it’s worth the investment.

• Interference
Pay close attention to the frequency of the baby monitor you choose if you have a cordless phone in your home. If your phone and the monitor operate on the same frequency, you will run into performance problems. Digital monitors prevent this problem and also protect against interference from close neighbors who use a baby monitor too.

• Light-up models
The usefulness of a model that lights up when your baby cries—the harder he cries, the more it lights up—depends on your lifestyle. If you work at home, for example, and don’t want a baby’s shriek to interrupt a business call, it might work well for you. Likewise, if a grandparent who’s a little hard of hearing will be watching the baby, he or she might feel more secure with the light-up model. A monitor with a vibrate setting can accomplish the same thing.

Who should get a baby monitor?

Different types and models of baby monitor basically work in the same way. There is a stationary unit that is placed in your child’s room and a “parent unit” that you can place in your room or carry along with you around the house. Most of the stationary baby units are plugged into an electrical outlet while the parent monitors are either plugged in or rechargeable for portability. There are newer baby monitor models which can even let you have a live stream of your baby through your phone as long as there is a stable internet connection. Still, a baby monitor should be able to accomplish the basic task of letting you monitor your baby effectively.

If you have are expecting your baby within a few months, you may be asking yourself if you need to have a baby monitor. For parents who are having their first child, it can be confusing to identify which baby items should you really purchase as essentials and which are just accessories that you don’t really need. One of the most common queries among parents when it comes to buying tools for their babies is whether they should buy a baby monitor and if it would really help them keep tabs on their babies. Here, we will discuss the things that how the baby monitor will help you and how to choose a baby monitor.

How will the baby monitor help you?

There are many more reasons to use a baby monitor and it helps you in many more ways. Here we describe the 6 reasons that how a baby monitor will help you?

1. Bed Time: Obviously, you still monitor your kids at night while he/she sleeps. It’s nice to be able to make sure he/she actually go to sleep at bedtime. You have to keep the parent monitor on your nightstand every night so that if your child needs something during the night and you can come to the rescue quickly.

2. Transitioning to a toddler bed: Having a best video baby monitor helped a lot because your child was able to see when he/she was actually in the bed and he was trying to play with toys or read his/her books. When you used the video monitor for your child then it made a big difference. It is easier than ever to keep a close eye on your child and the monitor remote pan and tilt camera featuring 2x zoom is fantastic.

3. Watching your child and get work done around the house: When you need to clean the bathrooms or mop the floors and you can’t have the kids running free around the house while you do. Being able to stick them in the playroom and shut the door and not worrying about what they are doing has been AMAZING. The camera is discreet and pretty small, so your kids will just ignore it while they play.

4. Safety: When you stopped using the monitor for a while and your child had may be to go to the ER because you couldn’t see what he/she was doing. Using a monitor has given you a great peace of mind when your cants are in the room with your kids. When you try not to have anything in the kid’s room that he/she could play with or potentially eat. But if there is something to miss you then you will be able to see them before something happens. You are pretty chill on a lot of things but the safety of your kids is not one of them.

5. Traveling to new places: You can bring the baby monitor when you are traveling to another place. You never know how your kids will react to being in a new room and in a bed that isn’t their own. Having a video baby monitor is a necessity then you can also see that what your child doing and when he/she is sleeping that means everything you can see all-time what your child doing.

6. Communicating: You can communicate with your baby with the video monitor when you are in your office or outside of your house. There is a camera mike that’s sound is pretty good. You can tell the kids to get back in their bed with this being able to use your baby monitor for communication has been great.


How to choose a baby monitor?

Before you rush out to Mother care to wrest the first baby monitor you can find off the shelf, take a minute to consider what you’re looking to get out of your monitor and what features you’d like it to have.

Movement alerts
If your baby was born prematurely or suffers from any medical conditions you’ll want to invest in a monitor that comes equipped with movement alerts. This will allow you to keep track of their activity and give you peace of mind as they sleep.

Lullaby option
Some monitors come with a ‘lullaby’ feature and will play a song for your child as they sleep. This could be useful for soothing a crying child late at night, but it all depends on your child’s temperament.

Indicator lights
Indicator lights can be handy for alerting you when the battery for your monitor is on its last legs. Some monitors also come with an indicator light to let you know if the receiver monitor has crossed the range limit.

Before you purchase a monitor, it would be wise to think about the size of your home. You’ll want a receiver monitor that maintains contact with the transmitting monitor wherever you are in your house.

Multiple Receivers
If you are worrying that your home might be too large for a single monitor to stay in range at all times, you might want to invest in a monitor with multiple receivers stationed at different points around the home.