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best lightweight bike lock in 2019

PUBLISHED January 23, 2019

To prevent your bike from being stolen or from unsolicited riding a bike lock is a great way. However, among the lots is not easy to get the best lightweight bike lock. If you don’t get a bike lock you cannot let yourself be deterred by this tough decision and you are putting your bike in the wrong position and the consequence of not using a lock on your bike is clear. You may be wondering how exactly you will know the right product to purchase. This post is here to guide you through the entire process of getting the best bike lock. All of you have to do is keep reading. Our expertise is researched more than 180 hours and more than 120 bike locks and at least they consider these 7 bike locks are best bike lock for your bike.

best lightweight bike lock

Abus Bordo 

The lube goes through to the other side of the links. It’s better than others, and it preserves the links. It makes for a very trim and compact look. It’s true that the links start to get a little squeaky and not so fluid, but it’s a very easy to fix.

Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 locks are heavy, you have to live with a heavy in weight bike lock, but on the other side, this “Folding Key Lock” is the very best that is nearly impossible to break. This is a great strong lock that is easier to carry than an equivalent security level chain or U-lock. This lock offers top of the line protection according to the manufacturer’s own ranking system. It’s also very ‘self-contained’ when compared to lose chains. The end of the segment links (where it inserts into the locking mechanism) is exposed metal. Also, the joints between segments are not coated metal. this is folding lock has a number of advantages over hi-security U-locks. It folds down compactly into a rubber holster that can hang off the frame, and it can be shaped to fit around a wider selection of solid objects than a U-lock. The lock is pretty heavy, as are all hi-security locks, but the holster can be mounted on the top bar of your frame so it doesn’t affect the balance of the bike. And it seems very tough indeed: the links are very thick; the joints are all rounded, and the flexibility of the lock would make it very hard to use a jack. So, all good in those respects.

best lightweight bike lock

Kryptonite New-U New York Fahgettaboudit

It’s very heavy, which is expected from a sturdy lock, and it’s small, which sometimes makes it difficult to lock to fixed objects. It’s very hard sometimes to find a place to lock my bike. It’s such a small lock, that it needs a small post to wrap around and Most standard road signs work fine.

The Kryptonite New-U New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock Is so pretty fat and a little short. No one will mess with your bike if they see this lock on it. It’s a massive lock and U-Locks are the best bike lock its one of the best lightweight bike lock. This lock will deter the amateur and opportunistic thieves. Professional thieves will need power tools to get this thing off. There is no way to pry this open by hand tools. Else, if you need to secure frame & wheel or to an object larger, get this one. it is a little short, so don’t expect to lock up to anything that’s large, signposts and standard bike racks are great. This lock is one of the best-rated locks out there. All of them including this one is breakable, it’s just a matter of time. This one usually gives a thief much more of a challenge and that’s what you want, to make stealing your bike more inconvenient. This thing is HEAVY, and the internal U area is pretty small. Stick it through your belt by your back pocket and lock your frame to a solid object. If you have shallow rear rims, you can probably loop the back wheel in there too.

best lightweight bike lock

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Bike Lock

The look of the large chain links alone is a great deterrent. The nylon sleeve it’s well connected so it doesn’t slip off, however it doesn’t come off completely for those of you looking to remove it. Great lock, two keys provided one with a built-in LED light and a dust cover for the lock itself.

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 Bicycle Chain and New York Disc Bike Lock, look of the large chain links alone is a great deterrent. The nylon sleeve it’s well connected so it doesn’t slip off, however it doesn’t come off completely for those of you looking to remove it. Great lock, two keys provided (one with a built-in LED light), and a dust cover for the lock itself. If you have a spot in the swingarm, a swingarm brace, that would be ideal or someone could still steal your bike by taking off the tires (unlikely, but still). You want heavy-duty??? Well, look no further! This Kryptonite would even be a tough match against Superman! Well except for an angle grinder. Cause that is how your chain is going to come off without a key. This chain and lock appear to be made with security in mind and appear very strong. If you want a more convenient lock that has a holder on your frame, then you sacrifice security for convenience. Good luck to any low life thief that attempts to break this chain in enough time. You would need to set up a metal shop to cut through it fast enough or a few thieves to stiffen the chain so a third thief can use a power tool to even attempt to cut through it. It is one of the best lightweight bike lock in Amazon

best lightweight bike lock

Abus Mini Round Shackle U Lock

Double locking on both sides, which is very important in an event where the lock is cut. If both sides are locked a cut lock will still hold its shape and has to be bent, which means more work and more time for you to catch the thief.

This Abus is a very reasonable weight and maybe even better quality than Kryptonite. This lock is Solid, very easy to Lock and Unlock and is built sturdy. Use the Sheldon Brown method on your back wheel while using this lock and you’d have a lot of peace of mind. This lock is a great little lock for the minimalist. Super solid and well made yet quite lightweight. It’s a mini U-lock so you might have to search out a suitable object to lock it to as it won’t fit easily around a bike frame and thicker immovable object. This lock conveniently fits without any additional hardware locked around the top tube and downtube of the frame of your bike and doesn’t add much additional weight. It is easy to operate. The shackle is thick and sturdy, and the size is just big enough to lock the frame to any signpost or parking meter in San Francisco. Combined with a cable to deter thieves from taking your wheels, this lock is perfect. Unlocks and locks with ease and there’s never any jamming when trying to get it locked or opened. Key stays on the lock when you unlock it to help prevent you from losing the key.

best lightweight bike lock

SIGTUNA Bike lock – 16mm Heavy Duty Bicycle Lock

This is the best lightweight bike lock for who needs security on a budget. It’s not the best lock on the market, but it certainly gets the job done, and at the end of the day, your bike (or whatever you’re trying to secure) is safe.

The U-lock is weighty and sturdy, and the chain lock is thick and does not appear vulnerable to being cut very easily. The lock is thicker and more studier than the Kryptonite lock and the cable is thicker as well. This is a very hefty lock and it comes with a pair of keys that are pretty easy to lock and unlock everything. It would take more than just your average bum with wire cutters to steal your bike, given you locked your bike up with this lock properly. Keep in mind the U-lock is somewhat short so when you lock up your bike frame, your bike must be placed very close to the bar in which you’re locking it up to. Also, the bar cannot be too thick. The cable and lock are both extremely sturdy and the lock is very easy to unlock, and there are even two keys so you have an extra if you misplace one. The lock twists to hide the keyhole out of sight which is a nice feature. The lock is very strong and secure without being too heavy. Mounting on the bike is very convenient but keep in mind that it does add some weight. The mount for the u-lock mounts solidly to the frame. This is the best lightweight bike lock in this price range.

best lightweight bike lock

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock

The key can be a bit finicky to get in or out, and it happens fairly often, but with time you get used to the right way to jiggle it to get it to work. 2 sets of keys and another 2 are available for free from Kryptonite if you lose them.

The bike lock set most highly recommended by the experts. Like considering any good lock, you have to decide whether it makes sense to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the lightest bike possible and then needing to carry a very heavy lock to protect your investment. The steel wire that comes included means that in standard bike parking spots, you can attach the frame of the bike to the bike holder, a street light or some such thing, which the lock itself does not always allow for. That means a thief cannot just unhinge your wheel and therefore the lock itself and take off with the rest of the bike. The design is well thought out and the mounting mechanism makes it very convenient to transport the bike. The fixture that holds the u-lock to the bike was super easy to install. The sturdy steel cable can be used in conjunction with the U-lock, which is handy to secure both of your wheels if your bike is going to be left unattended for a long time. There is also a small device that attaches to your bike frame, allowing you to easily holster the U-lock when you’re bicycling.

best lightweight bike lock

UShake Bike Lock Cable

The product is very good and It does exactly what it says and does it well very easy to set or change the lock code, and easy to mount to the bike frame using the provided bracket. However, what was really great was the customer service.

The U Shake Bike Lock Cable, 4-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Locks is easy to turn and read the dials. Easy to set to the combination you choose and well-constructed, nice heavy coated cable, and love that it comes with the piece that attaches to the bike for easy carry and access. The dials are smoother and the mount is something that makes it easy to attach and forget about it. It’s designed well and looks good and the combo set is easy and changeable whenever you feel the need for the cable is thick, not like many of the other that are thin and flimsy. The combination mechanism feels solid and clicks between each number very well. The mounting bracket that comes with other lock has a tighter fit, it took a couple time working the lock into the mount to get it open enough to easily place into the bracket. Top quality materials and construction that provides “serious” theft protection. However, this lock/cable is thick and heavy. If you want to secure your bike and not worry about it remaining secure, this is the lock/cable for you. If all you want is minimal security for a few minutes while at a coffee shop, this system might be overkill; more weight than a road/racing biker requires.

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Why you should trust us?

This formidable chain and locking mechanism are made of hardened steel and hex-cut links that are highly resistant to cutting force. Those dwelling in the roughest side of town enjoys maximum protection from the hardened double deadbolt. The sheer weight of the device is an effective deterrent from assault. The Kryptonite Mini Lock is built of hardened performance steel to resist cutting attacks. style keys make the Mini Bike Lock more resistant to picking attacks as well. Finally, you can select from several color schemes to match the tones of your bike as well. A mounting bracket is also included for easier transportation.
Once our client said to his friends about our bike locks and suggested to buy the best bike lock from us. He said that “In his opinion Abus Bardo Granit one of the best chains out there. The only issue (which he expected coming in) was the weight. This thing weighs at least 15 lbs so he would not recommend it if you need to carry it around. He got it because he needed something that would allow him to strap my bike to a large pillar and this (barely) did the trick. The only thing he wishes was that it was available in 7′, that would have been a perfect size; as this was just barely long enough for my needs. If you need something that you can carry around, he would recommend a U-Lock.

How to know what strength lock you need?

When arriving at your destination you’ll need to secure the bike to an immovable object. This often requires a hand or body part to hold the bike still. If your lock also requires two (or more!) hands to use easily, this can be a real pain. One of the most commonly stolen objects is a bicycle. Not only is a bicycle lightweight and valuable, but it makes the best inconspicuous getaway vehicle. The technical experience and tools required to steal a bike are pretty rudimentary. This makes a bicycle a prime target to the most simple-minded criminal. Bikes can also be sold with no receipts or ownership verifications required, which means you are unlikely to ever see your bike again.
People living in densely-populated high-risk areas of the city and those leaving their bikes alone while at work or study, require a heavier duty locking system. But even those living in “Low-risk” areas of the city need a dependable security system in place. Remember that any bike left unattended will be gone by the time the unassuming owner returns. Also, lock within 13mm and 15mm can be cut by the biggest sized bolt cutters. Although this biggest sized bolt cutter is not easy to come by. So accordingly, any shackle whose diameter is above 16mm is impossible to cut. The diameter size of a bike lock is not all. Some other things that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a lock include the type of steel from which the lock is made, the mechanism of the lock, the shape and size of the lock design.

How to know how strong a lock is?

The best choice of bike lock will come down to your personal needs. If you are living in a high-crime area the steel cable and combination locks won’t provide the same security as the Kryptonite Fuhgeddaboudit Chain and Disc lock. The best protection would be to follow the design of the Sigtuna Heavy-Duty Bike Lock and purchase a formidable U-Lock and a steel cable combination lock to secure front and back wheels to the bike frame. For those in low-risk areas or those who won’t leave their bike out of sight, the Abus Bordo Granit High-quality Bike Lock or U shake bike lock Self-Coiling Security Lock is great options. In addition, there is an overall nylon which protects the lock with hook-and-loop fasteners to hold them together. This nylon cover is very durable and protective. For massive holding power, there is a hardened dual deadbolt locking.
Any time you get to your destination and about to leave your bike somewhere, you will surely need to lock it. This requires you to spend some time, locking it. For bike lock that is easy to use, you shouldn’t spend much time locking it and also shouldn’t require you more than the use of one hand. Having to spend some minutes or bend over your bike locking isn’t that friendly, especially when in haste. In short, if the locking process is too complex, there’s high chance that you will ignore locking the bike. This will probably put your bike in the likelihood of being stolen. Also, some shackle locks are longer than some others. The longer one gives the flexibility and easy accessibility to where you can lock your bike.

How to choose the right bike lock for you?

There are 7 important things to consider when you want to purchase a bike lock for your bike.
1. Type of Bike Lock Design
There has five main bike lock design that’s are U lock, Cable Locks, Pit Locks, Chain Locks, Folding Locks. All have their fair share of pros and cons and they have very distinct designs also. It is important to understand what each lock design has to offer in order to choose the best lock, and which is the best models under each category are. How to choose the best bike lock for you this information will help you to figure out.
2. The Security Threat in Your Area
Where you intend to leave your bike how safe is the area? This is one of the most important questions to answer as far as choosing the best bike lock is concerned. You settle for to the brand and product specifications which bike lock design this is because it will determine everything. It goes without saying that high crime rate areas would require for you to consider high-security locks. In this case, U locks, folding locks, and chain locks are the best options. Simple chain locks and cable locks would be sufficient when you plan on parking the bike in a busy or secure area.
3. Material Used to Make the Lock
To make the lock is a very important factor to consider the type of material used as far as a bike lock. Including durability, aesthetic appeal and most importantly the security level offered by the lock with this material determines several aspects of the lock. The high-quality locks are made from hardened stainless steel. With titanium and silver locks being among the most expensive and the material may also determine the price of the lock.
4. Lock Dimensions
To consider especially with chain locks and U locks this is a very important factor. Which objects you can fasten the bike around within the U bend of the shack in U locks determine and this is because of the chain length in chain locks and space. In this case, with a more U space or those that are longer offer more variety and it goes without saying that locks. However, U shackles and long chains are more vendible to attack using bolt cutters and saws. To find moderate dimensions and it is, therefore, a great idea that will allow you to lock your bike to a variety of objects without leaving it vulnerable to theft.
5. Security Reinforcement Features
Another important thing to consider when choosing the best lock is reinforcement specifications. This can come in the form of rubber casings, polycarbonic covers and even tough fiber sheaths as seen with chain locks.
6. Cost VS Budget
It is always important to have your budget in mind while shopping for bike locks, as with all other purchases. To be sure you get the best product within your price range, you will have to do a lot of research. That way, you will have an idea of which locks on your market meet your needs and specifications and which of these are within your budget.
7. Customer Reviews and Ratings
It is so important to look into customer reviews and ratings when you trying to figure out how to choose the best bike lock. You want more first-hand information about them and these works are the best when you have a few models shortlisted. The best thing about these reviews is the fact you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly giving you a clearer idea of exactly what to expect from the bike locks you have your eye on.


Lock Maintenance

You may end up with a lock that has no key! If your lock comes with the option to register it, do so. This will mean that if you lose the key, you can get a replacement. Keep your spare key in a safe, separate place at home. We have an entire key ring labeled Spare Keys. Or, keep your spouse’s spare key on your key ring, and vice versa.
This enables thieves to release your wheel and walk away with the rest of your bike. Apart from that, these are the basic rules:
• Lock your bike to something solid that cannot be lifted up.
• Put the lock around part of your frame.
• Preferably have a U lock and also one or two light chains or cables, to secure your wheels as well..It is always better to use more than one lock. You may work on this simple rule: everybody knows that all locks ultimately can be broken, so any bike can be stolen. Therefore, you want your bike to be less attractive to thieves than other bikes. You always use a U-lock plus a chain, and sometimes also a cable for your front wheel. With this combination, you have never had a bike stolen. Touch wood.If you want to read the best jogging stroller review simply click the link best